Workshops on the "Implementation of the Principles of Women's Economic Empowerment

Wednesday 19 June, 2024
Start: Monday 10 June, 2024 - 10.00

­čîĆIntegrating gender equality within companies is a key element for the development of prosperous communities and sustainable economies.

ԜŴŞĆDuring June 10-12, UN Women Moldova held a series of training sessions on the topic “Implementation of the Principles of Women’s Economic Empowerment (PAF)”. These sessions brought together signatory companies that support the empowerment of women at work and in the community, aiming to develop and improve action plans for women’s economic empowerment. The participants also benefited from effective tools and practices presented in case studies and group discussions.

­čöŚGuide to implementing the Principles of Women’s Empowerment:

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