The main mission of the Association is to facilitate the dialogue between the relevant decision makers and foreign investors, in order to create a sound investment environment.

The objectives of the Association are:

  • Representing and promoting member’s views both, defend the common interests, and to attract new investments;
  • Cooperating with public authorities of the Republic of Moldova to overcome the difficulties and the barriers that may exist in the relations with the foreign investors;
  • Protecting the interests of the international business community in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Providing information to its members, but not only, about the investment climate in the country;
  • Sharing with the potential investors FIA members’ experience, etc.

The issues affecting the investment climate, identified by the Association, are included on the discussion agenda with the Moldovan authorities. The landmarks of the Association in its dialogue with the Moldovan authorities are, each time, the European Union’s experience and legislation: the creation of an efficient legal framework for the protection of the competition, the improvement of the labor relations regulations, the harmonization of the fiscal and corporate governance legislation etc.

FIA represents the interests of its members in various structures, such as: Economic Council to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Economic Council to the President of the Republic of Moldova, Advisory Council under the Ministry of Finance, Coordination Committee on E-procurement, Consultative Committee within Customs Service, National Confederation of Employers of the Republic of Moldova, Parliamentary Commission, Regulatory Impact Assessment Working Group (“Guillotine”), Dispute settlement councils within state control bodies, etc.