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19 Timiș str., MD-2009, Chișinău, Republic of Moldova
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01_5inimioareThe Moldovan-German joint venture SUDZUCKER-MOLDOVA SRL is the leader of sugar production sector in Republic of Moldova. Since the beginning of its activity in 2001, Südzucker.

Moldova processes yearly an average of more than 600.000 tons of sugar beet and produces over 80.000 tons of sugar. Südzucker Moldova owns currently three sugar factories. Two sugar factories in Drochia and Falesti are involved in sugar production, while the factory in Alexandreni operates as a modern logistics and packaging centre.

The main shareholder of the Südzucker Moldova is Südzucker AG (via Südzucker Holding GmbH), Europe’s leading supplier of sugar products with more than 175 years of history. Südzucker AG owns sugar factories and refineries in Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic Slovakia and Romania.

During its 11 years of activity, Südzucker Moldova made investments of more than 700 million lei in sugar beet cultivation sector by implementing the newest scientific developments in sugar beet growing and up-to-date energy-efficient technologies in sugar production.

 foto1In 2008, Südzucker Moldova SA has been certified under ISO 9001:2008 and НАССР international standards.

In 2013, Südzucker Moldova SA has put into exploatation the largest plant in Moldova for production of electricity from biogas obtained through processing of sugar beet press pulp – sugar beet processing residues. With an investment of more than 8 million euros, the plant has a capacity of electric power production of 2.4 MW/hr.

In 2014, Südzucker Moldova produced 125 thousand tons of sugar, which is 68% of total sugar production in Republic of Moldova. Südzucker Moldova also exports sugar to several countries in the European Union.

Südzucker Moldova improves sugar beet crop capacity and assists in modernization of Moldavian agricultural sector, through a long-term strategic partnership with its agricultural partners.

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Foreign Investors Association (FIA) is a non-profit and apolitical association from the Republic of Moldova, founded in September 2003 by the largest companies with foreign capital in the country, covering the whole range of industries — agriculture, automotive and petroleum industry, telecommunications and IT, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, winemaking, distribution, insurance, banking, consultancy and audit.