Südzucker Moldova. "Investing in Moldova's Future" Video Project

Thursday 04 February, 2021
Start: Thursday 04 February, 2021 - 11.00

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Südzucker Moldova

We continue the exercise of presenting the FIA members within the Project “Investing in the Future of Moldova”. Promotion partner – Invest Moldova.

With the beginning of Südzucker’s activity in the Republic of Moldova, the development of agriculture began in the country, one of the main missions of the company being the development of agricultural technologies. As a result – the sugar beet harvest has doubled to one hectare.

The second strategic mission was to completely modernize the sugar factories, which had been equipped with primitive machinery for decades. As a result – energy consumption for sugar production has doubled

And the third strategic objective was related to the marketing of the sugar market, a product that until the arrival of Südzucker Moldova was sold in bags on the roadsides.

As a result, Südzucker Moldova has invested over 80 million euros, reaching an annual turnover of about one billion lei, with 520 employees in the companies it manages.

A new stage in the development of Südzucker Moldova began with the development of renewable energy sources and the reuse of all production waste.

Südzucker Moldova claims that through the FIA ​​it has managed to change a lot of things for the better in the field in which it operates, first of all, irrigating fields, developing transparent and advantageous relations with farmers who offer you leased land and others. In the 18 years of the association’s existence, a series of reforms have been elaborated and promoted, especially related to competition, legalization of employee-employer relations, and in recent years increased attention has been paid to justice reform, without which it is impossible to develop. further of the Republic of Moldova.

Members of Foreign Investors Association are currently 21 companies with investments of over 1 billion 150 million euros, which provide in the Republic of Moldova over 22 thousand jobs.

Our Members

Foreign Investors Association (FIA) is a non-profit and apolitical association from the Republic of Moldova, founded in September 2003 by the largest companies with foreign capital in the country, covering the whole range of industries — agriculture, automotive and petroleum industry, telecommunications and IT, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, winemaking, distribution, insurance, banking, consultancy and audit.