"Migration control and labour market management" Roundtable

Friday 10 November, 2023
Start: Wednesday 08 November, 2023 - 14.00

At the initiative of the parliamentarian Ms. Mariana Lucreteanu, a Roundtable on “Migration control and labour market management” was held at the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova.

The aim of the event was to address the problems and identify solutions related to the labour market and to stop labour migration in the Republic of Moldova.

The participants were representatives of public authorities responsible for the field, international organizations in the field of labour/migration and diaspora, business associations, together with its members.

💥 FIA Executive Director Ana Groza outlined the main challenges faced by foreign investors in the process of identifying skilled and unskilled labour, as well as proposed concrete solutions to eradicate them, provided by the Labour Market Chapter, White Paper 2023, including:

✅ Implementation of the “Temporary Work Agent” concept.
✅ Amendment of the Law no. 200/2000 on the regime of foreigners, in the sense of paying non-resident employees the AVERAGE salary per economy, in order to avoid discrimination against Moldovan citizens.
✅ Amendment of the Law on dual education to apply its provisions to higher education.
✅ Amendment of the Law on Day Labourers, by extending the period for which day labourers may work for the same beneficiary from 120 days to 180 days, and the areas of application of the Law for hunting and fishing; forestry, fish farming and aquaculture; fruit growing and viticulture; beekeeping; animal husbandry; entertainment, film and audiovisual production, advertising, and others.
✅ Extension of the electronic register of employees to the real sector of the economy, as it is currently only applied in the public sector.
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