Consultations on amendments to the Labor Code

Monday 27 December, 2021
Start: Wednesday 22 December, 2021 - 10.00

On 22 December, on the platform of the Parliamentary Committee on Social Protection, Health and Family, certain proposals to amend the Labor Code, formulated in the White Book and presented during the working meeting with Mr. Radu Marian, on October 8, were discussed.

FIA members outlined the importance of the following provisions:
✅Conclusion of the employment contract for a determined period, up to 2 years, for the development of works, projects or ICT programs.
✅Extension of the probationary period from 3 to 6 months.
✅Possibility to apply the probationary period not only upon employment, but also in case of transfer of the employee to another position, profession or to a job where there are difficult or dangerous working conditions.
✅Possibility to apply the probationary period for the persons employed as a result of a contest.
✅Possibility to inform shift workers 14 days before the implementation of the work schedule, this being an imperative change in the context of the crisis caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, which has significantly changed perceptions about the performance of work, about the predictability of its performance, which in certain periods can reach minimum levels, due to the high degree of illness, and yet employers must carry out their work on a regular basis, but the limits imposed by law create huge impediments and challenges.

At the same time, many of the proposals made by the FIA have been and continue to be discussed on the platform of the Tripartite Working Group, which includes representatives of public authorities regulating labor relations, representatives of Employers and Trade Unions.

Not less important is the fact that the proposals set out in the White Book were consulted with an expert, Dr. Raluca Dimitriu and most of them are in line with the provisions of European legislation.

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