Business Breakfast with Mr. Dorin RECEAN, Prime-minister RM

Thursday 13 April, 2023
Start: Thursday 13 April, 2023 - 9.00

Regular informal meetings to ensure open communication with authorities and identify priorities for joint collaboration.

On 13 April, FIA Members had an informal meeting with Mr. Dorin RECEAN, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova.

As usual, priority topics were discussed, in a very productive manner: the challenge versus at least one proposal of its overcoming.

Also, during the reunion, members came up with out-of-the box ideas, aiming to strengthening the image of our country in the international perception, such as:

✅Elaborating and implementing a project to promote the Republic of Moldova with positive messages;
✅Performing entrepreneurial and financial education programs, starting from kindergartens – to seniors (in the context of demographic trends, retraining/empowerment of seniors could cover some occupational niches and increase resilience);
✅Promoting National Well-being Program by adopting the Global Happiness Index, based on equitable socio -economic development, preservation and promotion of cultural values, nature conservation and good governance.

Based on the limited time according to the Mr. Prime minister’s Agenda, the main topics were addressed. FIA community is optimistic and confident about the good changes that are about to happen and positively impact the business climate in Moldova.

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Our Members

Foreign Investors Association (FIA) is a non-profit and apolitical association from the Republic of Moldova, founded in September 2003 by the largest companies with foreign capital in the country, covering the whole range of industries — agriculture, automotive and petroleum industry, telecommunications and IT, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, winemaking, distribution, insurance, banking, consultancy and audit.