– Moldovan parliament speaker meets Foreign Investors Association members – Moldovan parliament speaker meets Foreign Investors Association members

The agenda of priority reforms till late 2017, as well as the measures undertaken to develop the business environment in Moldova were discussed at a today’s meeting of Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu and  members of the Foreign Investors Association (FIA), the parliament’s communication and public relations has reported.

Andrian Candu said that the authorities remained consistent in the promotion of measures to improve the business environment. According to the speaker, one of the objectives of the pro-business government is the creation of friendly conditions for a prosperous market economy, which will lead to the improvement of the living standards.

FIA president Alexander Koss welcomed the upgrading of the investment climate and the government’s openness for discussions and exchange of opinions with the business environment. Kos noted that the Association would continue getting involved and cooperating with the authorities for creating a friendly environment for investors.

The sides discussed more drafts approved by the parliament on the system of meal vouchers, simplifying the procedures of stay on the territory of Moldova for IT specialists, on tightening the security and modernizing the financial and banking system, on the single desk, facilitating conditions for carrying out the economic activity, including the reduction of the number of control institutions and permissive acts.

It is worth mentioning that, in early July 2017, the second roadmap government-parliament on the agenda of priority reforms till the end of this year was signed. This document is meant to prove the government’s determination to continue the reforms’ agenda for Moldova’s citizens and to provide predictability in the authorities’ actions. The document comprises almost 60 actions in seven priority sectors, including a string of important actions for the business environment, investors and the financial and banking sector.