Ipn.md: Land legislation restricts interests of foreign investors, White Book

Ipn.md: Land legislation restricts interests of foreign investors, White Book

The legislation on land should be modified. The current provisions restrict foreign investors’ interests in agriculture, which is a key sector for Moldova’s economy, says the White Book 2017, which is a recommendatory document produced by the Foreign Investors Association (FIA), IPN reports.

When presenting the document, FIA president Alexander Koss said the investors plead for the revision of the land legislation so as to ensure better protection for the existing investments and to attract new ones to agriculture, in equal conditions for the foreign and national investors. “The foreign investors recommend amending the law and abrogating the provisions that prevent the legal entities with fully or partially foreign share capital from selling or purchasing farmland,” he stated.

The White Book underlines that there is no fiscal stability in the Republic of Moldova. The adjustments that are made often during the year obstruct the activity of foreign capital enterprises.

As regards labor relations, the investors consider it is rational to prolong the probation period from three to six months. The foreign investors also propose allowing employees to decide the length of the childcare leave.

Attending the event, Minister of Economy and Infrastructure Octavian Calmac said all the constraints enumerated by the foreign investors will be analyzed. “A number of suggestions accumulated and solutions can be identified. This Book and these recommendations will be on the table of public functionaries so that they are included in all the Government’s action plans,” stated the minister.

The fifth White Book (2017) was compiled by experts of the 16 FIA member companies and represents a dialogue platform between the business community and the authorities.

Source: ipn.md