Guo Min, Huawei Moldova: FIA helps foreign investors to adapt and to integrate into society

Guo Min, Huawei Moldova: FIA helps foreign investors to adapt and to integrate into society

For 20 years, the largest foreign investors in the Republic of Moldova, united in the Foreign Investors Association (FIA), have been working together with the authorities to improve the investment climate in the country. These are the most active enterprises, generating progress in their sectors and influencing the sustainable development of the economy in general and the social sphere in Moldova. About the important role of the association for foreign investors, achievements and challenges in the field of information and communication technologies, please find in the interview with Guo Min, General Director of Huawei Moldova.

– Why did foreign investors join the Association 20 years ago, according to your opinion? What do you see as the benefits of the Association for your company?

One of the reasons FIA was formed 20 years ago was to help foreign investors adapt and enter the Moldovan market and integrate into society. As a leading global provider of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, we believe that Huawei can support Moldovan society and local businesses with its advanced solutions and most recent technologies.

We are convinced that FIA, as an influential organization supporting foreign investors in the Republic of Moldova, is a platform for our company to establish new partnerships and friendships at the local level. As a socially responsible company, thanks to the support of FIA, we actively engage with local communities, organize a wide range of attractive activities and events, as well as cooperate with public organizations to contribute to the well-being of society as a whole.

– Which of the White Book proposals have led to significant improvements in the business environment in your industry and in the economy in general?

The White Book creates a useful platform for communication and consultation between enterprises and the government. We noticed that thanks to the efforts of FIA and other industry partners, some measures have been taken that have improved government ICT policies, such as tax incentives, which have contributed to the development of the industry.

During our cooperation with the FIA, we also noticed that many of our suggestions and opinions were heard or accepted. All these recommendations contributed to the overall development of ICT and digitalization in Moldova.

– Which strategic proposals in the White Book 2023 are the most prioritized for your company, the industry, and for the Republic of Moldova as a whole?

The development of ICT and green energy industries is necessary for a country’s sustainable development and GDP growth, as well as for human well-being and global carbon control. We hope that further measures will be taken to help ICT and green energy industries to develop equitably and healthily. For example, we are talking about a governmental subsidy plan for households to help them use green energy sources.

We would like to encourage the Moldovan government to continue developing a digitalization plan for public and educational institutions in the near future, taking into account the necessity and benefits of this transformation. We appreciate the constantly evolving fair ICT policy and look forward to further friendly cooperation with the public and private sectors in Moldova. Guo Min, Huawei Moldova: „FIA ajută investitorii străini să se adapteze și să se integreze în societate” Го Минь, Huawei Moldova: FIA помогает иностранным инвесторам адаптироваться и интегрироваться в общество