Technical meeting on the chalenges of the petroleum industry

Tuesday 20 February, 2024
Start: Monday 19 February, 2024 - 10.00

On February 19, at the request of the Association of Foreign Investors, within the Economic Council next to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, a meeting was held with the Ministry of Energy and representatives of the oil industry.

The purpose of convening this meeting is the subject of limiting and capping the price of the main petroleum products, by applying a fixed commercial margin, which has an increased negative impact on the respective industry and generates a series of unfortunate consequences.

According to the Agenda, the following topics were addressed:
1. Application of the provisions of Law RM no. 461/2001 of 30.07.2001 regarding the market of petroleum products and limiting the price by applying a fixed commercial margin.
2. The consequences of capping the commercial margin and violating the principles of free market operation
3. Medium and long-term risks in the absence of cardinal changes in the state regulation of the petroleum products market.
Ana GROZA, FIA Executive Director mentioned that the said challenge generates risks and problems not only at the level of the oil products industry, but will also affect the intersectoral balance in the country in the near future. Taking appropriate measures in a timely manner will avoid new crises on the fuel market, as well as the adoption of new unpopular measures in the near future. Concrete decisions and actions are needed now to avoid dynamically evolving risks in the future.

For a detailed description of the mentioned subject, we invite you to access the FIA Position Letter regarding the critical situation on the petroleum products market due to price capping, at the following link:…/06-Adresare-FIA-piata -products…
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