Study visit on best practice models in preventing food waste and losses

Monday 25 September, 2023
Start: Sunday 17 September, 2023 - 10.00

On 17-20 September , FIA Moldova, represented by Cristina Tiscul, together with the members of the Banca de Alimente Moldova team, representatives of governmental and non-governmental structures, participated in a Study Visit in Italy, with the purpose of getting acquainted with the Italian Food Bank working model and also the , a few days before the International Food Waste Awareness Day, celebrated on 29 September.

In this context, were held meetings with all the stakeholders involved in the product recovery process, which provided valuable insights for the development of the related regulatory framework of the Law on the Prevention of Food Loss and Wastage that entered into force in the Republic of Moldova on 25 May 2023.

Thus, according to the Agenda, a working meeting was held at the Italian Revenue Agency to discuss fiscal procedures in the application of the Italian “anti-waste” law, followed by a field visit to the Food Bank of Lazio.

The following day, the delegation was familiarized with the Siticibo project – a service that involves the recovery of perfectly intact and unserved cooked food and pastries from school and company canteens as well as from the HoReCa sector, being afterward handed in due time to people in need.
Thus, the delegation participated in a Siticibo Tours – the whole route of food recovery and distribution was covered.

On the third day, a meeting was held at the Health Protection Agency of Bergamo to discuss the hygiene and sanitary rules regarding the donation of products.

Throughout the visit, the delegation was accompanied by the international expert Marco Lucchini, founder of the Italian Food Bank (created in 1989).

FIA actively participated in the process of drafting the Law on the Prevention of Food Loss and Waste and FIA members are active donors to the Food Bank Banca de Alimente Moldova – Kaufland Moldova, Lactalis Alba.

The study visit was supported by the European Union in the Republic of Moldova, within the project Partnerships for Social Canteen Services Parteneriate pentru servicii de cantină socială co-financed and implemented by AO CONCORDIA Proiecte Sociale Moldova, Keystone Moldova, Misiunea Socială „Diaconia”.

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