Round Table on the Study ”State-owned companies sector: corruption risks and necessary reforms"

Tuesday 19 July, 2022
Start: Thursday 14 July, 2022 - 14.00

On 14 July, during a round table, the Study 📑”State-owned companies sector: corruption risks and necessary reforms”, elaborated by Expert-Grup with the support of NED, was launched.
The author of the study, Vitalie Rapcea, set out to exploit the antithesis between corruption and integrity in order to identify and eradicate integrity obstacles at state and enterprise level and formulated the following conclusions:
1. Main integrity obstacles identified at state level:
✅Lack of state ownership policy;
✅Lack of transparent criteria in the nomination, evaluation and dismissal of board members;
2. Integrity barriers at the enterprise level:
✅Fragile internal control;
✅Problematic acquisitions;
✅Low efficiency in public asset management;
3. Recommendations for increasing transparency and improving corporate governance of SOEs:
✅Approval of state ownership policy with reflection of ownership rationale and clear delineation;
✅Improve corporate governance by establishing transparent criteria for the selection of board members;
✅Consolidate the institutional capacities of the JPA to better record, manage and control the management of public assets;
The full study can be accessed at the following link:…/2360-sectorul-companiilor…
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