Road-map for boosting the process of economy digitization

Monday 27 July, 2020
Start: Monday 27 July, 2020 - 14.00

On July 27, FIA ​​Executive Director, Ms. Ana Groza, participated in the presentation of the Road-map for boosting the process of digitization of the national economy and development of electronic commerce, launched by the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, in collaboration with the Secretariat of the Economic Council to the Prime Minister. To this end, an ad hoc Working Group was set up within the Economic Council, the coordinator of which was appointed ATIC.

This document was prepared following the private sector consultation process and subsequent collection of proposals. FIA ​​has drawn up and forwarded a letter of position to the authorities in this regard. In addition, Ms Groza reiterated the need to include the following proposals in the Road-map:

– Elimination of the obligation to use portal platforms and / or software tools for the application and verification of electronic signatures on documents.

– Creation of an Electronic Sales Monitoring Register, which will streamline the modernization of sales records, administration and monitoring processes, will provide the possibility to issue the receipt in electronic form and will lead to the eradication of tax evasion.


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