Meeting of the Working Group on Labor Code

Friday 05 May, 2017
Start: Thursday 11 May, 2017 - 14:00

On 11th of May, took place a subsequent meeting of the Working Group on Labor Code.

The participants at the meeting addressed the topic of necessity and obligation of the employers to draft certain legal acts, including those checked by labor inspectors when caring out control visits. There were examined 10 bullets from the list of documents required by the labor inspectors  from the entrepreneurs.


  • Amendments will be made to the Labor Code by excluding the document by which the employer informs some categories of employees about their right to refuse to work on rest days, on non-working days, supplementary work, night work, going abroad and continuous shift work;
  • Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family shall present extracts from international normative acts regarding the way of informing the employee regarding the salary, retentions etc., to carry out the necessary amendments to the Code, in compliance with the wage-confidentiality rule;
  • Amendments will be made to the Labor Code by excluding the written agreement of the employee for the payment of salaries through banking institutions or post offices;
  • Amendments will be made to the Labor Code by excluding the document by which the employee is informed about the date of commencement of annual leave.

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