Meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy, Stephane Bride

Friday 25 November, 2016
Start: Friday 30 October, 2015 - 17:00

On October 30th, Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Economy, Mr. Stephane Bride, along with the representatives of the Foreign Investors Association (FIA), the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) and the European Business Association (EBA) held a meeting where the short and medium term agenda of bilateral relations has been discussed, as well as the key-problems encountered by the business environment.

Deputy Prime Minister Bride emphasized that the implementation of investment projects, the attraction of new and direct foreign investments, as well as the establishment of efficient cooperative relationships with the companies active in the Republic of Moldova, can be achieved only through direct communication with the business climate and business associations.

In this respect. Mr. Bride mentioned that the Ministry of Economy, beyond operating expert groups, intends to organize several meetings and roundtables to discuss the situation within the business climate, to develop and implement a short-, medium- and long-term plan. Additionally, Deputy Prime Minister stressed that currently the Strategy for Investment Attraction and Export Promotion for 2016-2020 is being improved

FIA’s representative, Elena Varta welcomed the Ministry of Economy’s initiative of establishing a more efficient and constant dialogue with the business climate, specifying that such meetings can help solving the problems encountered by the foreign and local investors.

AmCham Moldova’s representative, Mila Malairău spoke of availability of business associations and businessmen into supporting the Ministry of Economy in preparing and amending the draft laws.

EBA’s representative, Ecaterina Chirilenco mentioned that initiating a constructive and permanent dialogue with the Ministry of Economy and other state institutions would help solving the problems encountered by the business environment and to boost the process of attraction of investments in the Republic of Moldova.

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Foreign Investors Association (FIA) is a non-profit and apolitical association from the Republic of Moldova, founded in September 2003 by the largest companies with foreign capital in the country, covering the whole range of industries — agriculture, automotive and petroleum industry, telecommunications and IT, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, winemaking, distribution, insurance, banking, consultancy and audit.