Meeting on the draft legislative amendments called "Deregulation Package No. 2"

Tuesday 15 August, 2023
Start: Monday 07 August, 2023 - 10.00

The meeting of the Economic Council platform to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova within the Working Group No. 1 “Removing constraints in entrepreneurial activity” was held on 7 August.
The purpose of the meeting is to present and discuss the draft legislative changes called “Deregulation Package No. 2” (tax-customs area), which was publicly announced on 1 August by Dumitru Alaiba, Vice Prime Minister and Veronica Sirețeanu, Minister of Finance.

The business community welcomes the proposals included in the draft, in particular:
✅ Repeal of Law no.1466/1998 on the regulation of repatriation of funds, goods and services from foreign economic transactions;
✅ Abolition of the cash register and fiscal control/printer (MCC/IF register);
✅ Deduction of VAT for purchases of goods and services made by entrepreneurs on the basis of tax receipts and which have been paid for using the business payment card (business);
✅ Increasing the size of the tax arrears in the Fiscal Code from 100 lei to 500 lei;
✅ Reduction by half of the minimum amount of tax or customs debt that can be challenged in the Dispute Resolution Board of the Tax Service and the Customs Service, as well as the increase to 60% of business association representatives and others.

💥 The impact analysis and the summary of the package are placed on platform at the following link:*/10917

FIA was represented by the Executive Director, Ana Groza and experts from member companies.
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