Solidarity and support to the Ukrainian people: DRÄXLMAIER

Solidarity and support to the Ukrainian people: DRÄXLMAIER

DRÄXLMAIER Balti supports local authorities in refugee placement.

 The DRÄXLMAIER Group donated 100,000 euros so that people in Ukraine can be helped quickly. In addition, the DRÄXLMAIER Group supports its locations in Eastern Europe, where they provide targeted support at a regional level. ​​​​​​​

The process of managing the large wave of people in this situation is not a simple one, so at the request of the local authorities DRÄXLMAIER Balti helped to provide 50 places with the necessary placement conditions and hot meals. Also, in accordance with the latest law on foreigners’ employment, on the basis of working contracts signed directly with companies, DRÄXLMAIER Group Moldova can provide the necessary support within the limits of available jobs.


No matter how old you are, going through such moments of suffering and drama is unimaginable, especially for mothers with young children or pregnant women. If they have found the strength to walk that difficult road to get to a place where they feel safe, I deeply believe that it is our duty to stand on their side to ease in any possible way these difficult conditions they are in under these circumstances. DRÄXLMAIER Group Moldova will always support in such humanitarian movements”, says Guido Meinelt, DRÄXLMAIER Group Balti Plants Manager.


Children’s food, playing & studying materials, hygiene products, clothes and more

In solidarity with asylum seekers, who transit or wish to remain in our city, we have come to the aid of people in need by trying to provide basic necessities. In a former children’s camp that has turned into a placement centre in these difficult times, we have provided these conditions to those, who are distributed there by the crisis cell organized by local authorities. Donations in the form of children’s food, playing & studying materials, hygiene products, clothes and other necessary things were collected by Balti employees. Others donate money and with the collected amount, we make the necessary weekly purchases.

„The company representatives go regularly to the centre and make sure to collect information about current necessities in order to support these people in need. Children receive toys, writing materials and drawing books and are pleasantly surprised, as in the hurry they didn’t manage to get their favourite things from home and it brings smiles to their faces. Parents also express their gratitude and are eager to restart children’s interrupted educational process in order to help them accommodate in a new reality”, says Natalia Grosu-Curocica, Communication Manager DRÄXLMAIER Group Moldova.