“In mother’s arms” social campaign

“In mother’s arms” social campaign

Gestures of kindness bring beautiful changes.

Through involvement and beautiful CSR actions we can make gestures of kindness with impact.

Grawe Carat Asigurari, in partnership with the Diaconia Social Mission, provided the needs for a semester of activity of the Maternal Center “In mother’s arms”.

Hundreds of families in crisis across the country have also received food and confectionery packages.

For additional info, please visit the link: https://ea.md/gesturile-de-bunatate-aduc-schimbari-frumoase-totalurile-campaniei-de-craciun-in-bratele-mamei/?fbclid=IwAR02dCbuD1wPIM_Uo7u8zJ9I6k6aXntyFvG5mQioYDP3cv0vyeOUO-dXfjs