#HelpUkraine Project – Medpark

#HelpUkraine Project – Medpark

As a result of the project 🇺🇦🇲🇩 #HelpUkraine, which started on February 25, more than 500 refugees received free emergency medical care, and the amount of medical services amounted to more than half a million lei.

All patients were provided with comprehensive services: primary diagnostics, highly effective examinations, laboratory tests, functional studies, consultations, perfusion procedures, etc.

Some patients required urgent hospitalization, thus 4 surgical interventions were performed, and 3 women from Ukraine gave birth to their babies in the Maternity Hospital department of Medpark.

All expenses were covered by the Help Ukraine project from the funds allocated by the Medpark Foundation. Refugees from Ukraine can apply for emergency medical care at Medpark until May 31 as part of the project.

For additional info, please follow the link: https://www.fundatiamedpark.md/ro/news/peste-500-de-refugia-i-au-primit-ajutor-medical-de-urgen-a-pe-durata-proiectului-help-ukraine?fbclid=IwAR0LjJ6JufoLIL_kqMJCn0JDLYcjqW0A6jb84koZnaOqy6F3XnI9vljRV48