“Friendly for Art” by EFES Moldova

“Friendly for Art” by EFES Moldova

In the digital age, when we are constantly distracted by noise, commercials and all kinds of information, unfortunately, we forget to read.
Reading is a beautiful habit, which Efes Moldova, in collaboration with NewsMaker.md, wants to bring back to the public attention, within the project #PrieteneștePentruArtă, where artists and people of culture from Moldova, will promote reading, by the beautiful #CiteșteMoldova initiative, through a series of interesting videos.

“You see, business and society as a whole are interconnected. There is no thriving business without social prosperity. We are created by people and work for people, so we simply have to support society,” explains Ludmila Andronic, Director of Corporate Affairs at Efes Moldova, a company whose social responsibility program can be called without exaggeration the most successful.

EFES Moldova CSR Programs:
Friendly for tourism
Friendly for art
Friendly for women

The social responsibility programs of the Turkish giant Anadolu Group, which includes Efes Moldova, are also very indicative. They include projects aimed at supporting the environment and global sustainable development, which is another important trend in the GSR. Big business is aware of the problem of limited natural resources, that they are spent in a larger volume than they are renewed, and is ready to contribute to solving this problem as well. Today, more and more of the world’s leading companies make decisions based not only on local financial or economic factors, but also on the short-term and long-term environmental, social and other consequences of their activities for the whole of humanity.

For additional information, please follow the link: https://businessclass.md/ro/management/socialinye-investicii-na-primere-odnoj-kompanii-chto-kak-i-pochemu-eto-vazhno-dlya-biznesa/?fbclid=IwAR0AKk5D6Jrt7UNmcmHI1T6ms53XzVR69_k5xCfxu_VAO4rA4nXuXSqP3BQ