Diaspora Students Forum

Diaspora Students Forum

FIA invites students from abroad and from home to participate in Diaspora Students Forum (13-14 August), with the aim of creating new ideas and joint projects.

📍For 2 days, participants will have several networking sessions with local speakers: young diaspora returnees who have managed to implement at home what they learned abroad; meet local and national decision makers; identify problems and generate solutions in teams.

✅ Following the two days of creative thinking and inspirational discussions, the teams created during the Forum will present several projects that will be analyzed by a mixed jury, and the best and feasible ones will be awarded and given the chance to be implemented within the League of Students Originating from Moldova – LSORM. We all want a better future at home, our common knowledge and experiences can help us realize a useful project for young people in Moldova.

🤩 Link to registration: https://forms.gle/BGXUQ3k8P9tJKgW27

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