Charitable project for children – Medpark Foundation

Charitable project for children – Medpark Foundation

Medpark Foundation brings joy to the hearts of children✨

The number one human virtue is kindness. Kindness that manifests itself through the same gestures in every sphere, the medical field being one even more dedicated and close to people.

Thus, the Medpark Foundation, fully supported by the team of Medpark people who were receptive to collect over 200 gifts, selected with great care and enthusiasm, in order to bring hope and joy to children in need.

Loaded with gifts, books, fruit and sweets, the Medpark Foundation supported by AO Concordia, reached the Rebbeca residential placement center for children in Tirnova, Dondușeni r. and the children from Goianul Nou village, Criuleni r., Or. Cricova.

Thanks to Medpark employees and through AO Concordia, Medpark Foundation managed to become a little Santa Claus for 1 day, which brought great satisfaction, because we managed to share with a lot of wonderful children the love, generosity, empathy and respect for people.

Their smiles are worth a lot. As long as they carry such heavy burdens for a child on their little shoulders.
Our sincere thanks go to the administration of Medpark International Hospital, to each individual employee and to the AO Concordia team who made this magic possible.